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Better Place (Official Video)

“Better Place is a song about doing what you can to make a difference in our world. We can’t focus on what divides us but what brings us together. If we put aside our differences and learn to work together we can truly make the world a Better Place.”

                      -Allanah Jeffreys


Loyalty is a song about not letting someone take advantage of your kindness. If people don’t treat you with respect then they don’t deserve your friendship. This song talks about standing up against those people, and showing them that you can fight back.

I'll Be Me

Check out My official video for my single I'll Be Me

She Talks To Angels (Cover)

This song really moved me.  I hope you enjoy it!! ❤️ 

Livin’ On The Edge (Aerosmith Cover)

Haven’t done this song in a long time so I decided to play it for you guys🤘🏻. I hope you have a great day😊

Imagine (cover)

Every possibility begins with the courage to imagine. What a beautiful song with a strong, and very important message. Hope you guys enjoy 💜☮️.

ZOMBIE (Cover)

RIP Delores. This has been one of my favourite songs ever since I first heard it! I hope you enjoy😉

Wide Awake (Cover) The Static Shift

Here’s one of my favourite songs that I heard on the tv show “The Launch” last year😛 You guys should check out The Static Shift. I’d like to thank my brother Jaiden for helping me with this video (he actually knows how to play guitar😂😂)

I Bet My Life (Cover) Imagine Dragons

Here’s another video for you guys, hope you enjoy💕 featuring my brother once again, but this time he’s actually playing the guitar😉😂😂